Bootloader Iphone 2G 3.1.2 Download

Betim said: I have an Iphone 2G IOS 3.1.3, fw 04.05.04_g, Iphone was never unlocked or JB, this method is not working form me please cah you help me about this issue? These are instructions on how to unlock and jailbreak your iPhone 2G on the 3.1.2 iPhone firmware using RedSn0w for Windows. You can find the Mac version of this. IPhone, iPad, and iPod Touch Secrets Thank you so much for this. my 2g iphone freeze & died. i decided to go ahead and update after i restore. i did everything you said and did ok up until i got to the.

Downgrade i. OS 4 i. Phone 3. GS, 3. G to i. Phone 3. 1. 3 / 3. How to Guide]If you have an i.

Phone 3. G and you have this feeling that upgrading to i. OS 4 has slowed down your device and that you want to go back to i. Phone 3. 1. 3 / 3. Or if you are one of those i.

Phone 3. GS (new bootrom) or i. Pod touch 3. G / 2. G (MC model) user who has upgraded to i. OS 4 only to find out that you cantjailbreak it can follow the instructions posted below to downgradei. OS 4. 0 to i. OS (formerly i.

Bootloader Iphone 2G 3.1.2 Download

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Phone 3. 1. 3 or 3. Step 1: Download the old i. Phone OS 3. 1. 3, i. Phone OS 3. 1. 2 ipsw firmware files. Download links: 3.

Step 2: Put your device into DFU mode (not recovery mode). Connect your i. Phone to your computer. Turn i. Phone off. Start i. Tunes. Hold Power and Home buttons together for 1. Release Power button but keep holding the Home button until your computer recognizes a new USB device.

Tunes will now recognize your i. Phone. Note: Your i. Phone screen at this time should be blank (black in color), if not, then you are most likely in Recovery Mode, not DFU mode.(Step 3 is for i. Phone 3. GS users only.

If you are on i. Phone 3. G or i. Pod touch 2. G (non- MC model), skip Step 3 and continue from Step 4)Step 3: This step is applicable to i. Phone 3. GS, i. Pod touch 3.

G and i. Pod touch 2. G (MC model) which have their SHSH blobs (ECID SHSH) saved on Cydia for the firmware you downgrading on.

If you don’t have your SHSH files saved, you cannot downgrade the mentioned devices. So what we will do is to trick i. Tunes into thinking that it is watching Apple servers, while in real, we are going to change the address to Saurik’s server. Navigate to C: \Windows\System. Mac users can get to “/etc/” directory by going through “Go –> Go to Folder” from Finder.

Open this “hosts” file in Notepad (for Windows) or Text. Edit (for Mac OS X) and add this. Now simply save this file and you are good to go! NOTE for Windows 7 and Vista: Start “Notepad” with Administrator privileges by right clicking on “Notepad” app, and click on “Run as Administrator“ option.

Step 4: You will now have to restoreyour i. Phone or i. Pod touch to the firmware you downloaded in Step 1. Click on your phone icon from the sidebar in i. Tunes. Now press and hold left “alt” (option) button on Mac (Left “Shift” button on Windows) on the keyboard and then click on “Restore” (Not “Update” or “Check for Update”) button in the i. Tunes and then release this button.

This will make i. Tunes prompt you to select the location for your downloaded firmware file. Select that ipsw file and click on “Open”. Step 5: Now sit back and enjoy as i. Tunes does the rest for you. This will involve a series of automated steps.

Be patient at this stage and don’t do anything silly. Just wait while i. Hks Twin Power Ignition Install. Tunes installs firmware on your i. Phone or i. Pod touch. Your i. Phone screen at this point will be showing a progress bar indicating installation progress.

Now at some point, i. Tunes will throw 1.

This is normal, just ignore this error as the firmware has already been successfully installed on the device. Step 6: Now you will need to exit your device from Recovery Mode. To do this, download a program called Rec. Boot (Windows / Mac). Run it and the click on “Exit Recovery Mode” button. Your device will now restart normally.

This is it, you should now be able to jailbreak your device on this older OS.  For i. Phone 3. 1. 2 firmware, you can use blackra. Pwnage. Tool, redsn. Phone and i. Pod touch. For i. Phone 3. 1. Phone 2. G, 3. G, 3. GS and i. Pod touch 1.

Phone 2. G Unlock Using Red. Sn. 0w. This Red. Sn. 0w guide & tutorial will show you how to unlock your i.

Phone 2. G using Red. Sn. 0w. This guide is to unlock the i. Phone 2. G only. If you want to unlock the i.

Phone 3. G, you will have to jailbreak your i. Phone first using this guide, then run Ultra. Sn. 0w, the unlocking tool for i. Phone 3. G. This tutorial was originally written for jailbreaking firmware 3. I just updated this guide with the latest information.

Note that this Red. Sn. 0w tutorial is for Windows users but I assume the steps are similar on a Mac. Before doing anything, make sure you have the latest version of i. Tunes and the latest firmware 3. Phone 2. G. 2. Create a new folder on your desktop. In this folder, download Red.

Sn. 0w as well as the 3. Phone 2. G from our i. Phone downloads page (make sure you pick the right firmware). Also download the following bootloader files: BL 3.

BL 4. 6. 3. Unzip and launch Red. Sn. 0w. 4. Click “browse” and select the 3. Once the firmware has been successfully identified, click “next”. Select “install Cydia” and “unlock”, then click “next”. Browse for the bootloader files you downloaded in step 2, and click “next”.

Make sure your i. Phone is plugged into the computer and that it is off.

Click “next”. 9. Red. Sn. 0w will then guide you to put your i. Phone into DFU mode.

Hold down the power button for 2 seconds. Without releasing the power button, also hold down the home button for 1. Without releasing the home button, release the power button but keep holding the home button for 3. If done correctly, your i.

Phone should reboot and the jailbreak process should start. This step may take up to 1. Once this process is over, you will get a message saying that it is “done!”1. Click the “finish” button and reboot your i. Phone. The reboot may take up to 1.

Congratulations, you just jailbroke and unlocked your i. Phone 3. 0 3. 0. 1 with Red. How To Install Ditra On Concrete.